Thursday, February 18, 2021

C. S. Lewis Biopic in the works

So, it seems a film biography of C. S. Lewis is now in the works, scheduled for a release late this year (or so they hope).

Called THE MOST RELUCTANT CONVERT, a phrase taken from CSL's autobiography, it's directed by the same director who did the Joss Ackland SHADOWLAND years ago. The story is said to be based on Max McLean's one-man show, which we've seen. The structure however sounds quite different, with three different actors portraying CSL at different times in his life, the older Lewis sometimes commenting on the younger. If done well this might recapture the feeling of its being Lewis's autobiography, where he repeatedly contrasts the himself of the present day with his earlier, starkly different younger selves.

The one article I've seen says almost nothing about the supporting cast (e.g., is Janie Moore given due prominence? what about his brother Warnie?) but it does specify that JRRT will be a character (played by one Tom Glenister), described as "one of his [Lewis's] intellectual sparring partners".

They apparently did some on-location filming in Oxford. It'll be nice to see the Kilns and Magdalen.

Thanks to David B. for the link, which I found in his post on the MythSoc list.

--John R. 

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