Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The S. S. Sphinx

So, in our Saturday night CALL OF CTHULHU game we're slowly making our way through the epic adventure MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP. Currently our characters have wrapped up the initial stage of the adventure set in 1920s New York City and are now in London in one of those lulls between when Investigators arrive in a new spot and the point when they come across Things Man Was Not Meant to know and flee, clutching the tattered remains of their sanity. And it's pretty clear that if we survive this stage of the adventure it's likely that we'll then make our way to Cairo.

Which is funny, because in real life Janice and I just made plans yesterday to go on a Nile cruise come this spring. And it's altogether possible that I may see the Pyramids in person before my character (Martin Urnst, private inverstigator) sees them in the game.

This was an unexpected trip, one we'd considered years ago and reluctantly decided was unworkable. But now it's suddenly come together. If all goes according to plan half a year or so from now we'll be seeing The Sphinx, the Great Pyramid (and also several others), the Colossi of Memnon, and lots of temples.

More later.

--John R.
current music: The Allan Parsons Project's PYRAMID and EYE IN THE SKY.

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