Monday, November 25, 2019

Names in the OGL SRD

So, re. the editing credit for Under an Angry Star, on a closer look it turns out my name is included after all -- not on the credits page but in the last line of the last page, as part of the System Reference Document,  a one-page version of the Open Gaming License included in all d20 products that lays out in small type the terms of the license. My name is one of thirteen given as writers who contributed to the 3e d20 system. The list is interesting in that the selection and inclusion criteria seem oblique. Here's the whole list:

Jonathan Tweet
Monte Cook
Skip Williams
Rich Baker
Andy Collins
David Noonan
Rich Redman
Bruce R. Cordell
John D. Rateliff
Thomas Reid
James Wyatt
based on original material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson

Of these, the first three names --Jonathan, Monte, and Skip-- were the three core members of the 3e design team, with Jonathan primarily in charge of the PLAYER'S HANDBOOK (and overall of the project), Monte of the DMG, and Skip of the MM.

Rich Baker was originally part of the team till he was promoted to product group leader in charge of THE FORGOTTEN REALMS.
Peter Adkison was also briefly member of the team early on, until persuaded that the development and design process for 3e was intensive enough that he cd run the company or help redesign the game but not both.

The next seven names come not quite in alphabetical order, mine among them. My guess is I'm in there for being editor of the PH and DMG, though in that case Julia Martin my co-editor shd be there too. It's hard to work out the rationale for decisions I wasn't privy to that took place almost twenty years ago, but in any case it's nice to be included. We put in a tremendous amount of work trying to make that the best game we cd, and while my heart will always belong to AD&D (esp. 1st edition) I'm glad to see that for many people 3e and the d20 system in all its multitudinous forms provided them with a lot of good gaming.

--John R.

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