Monday, November 11, 2019


So, I'm thinking about going to GaryCon this next year, the D&D/rpg con held in Gygax's home town every spring. I've never gone, but this year I'll be up at Marquette working on a Tolkien project at about the time the con is scheduled and might be able to drive down to lake Geneva for the day. And it'd be nice to see some familiar faces of folks whose time at TSR overlapped with my own.
Any recommendations, suggestions, opinions?

--John R.


grodog said...

Well-worth the trip! :D

The seminars are usually on Friday or Saturday, as I recall, but what are you looking for, John?


John D. Rateliff said...

Dear Grodog

I had in mind seeing ex-TSR friends, meeting some of the old gaming legends from before my time, having a good prowl through the dealers' room (assuming there is one), and possibly getting to play a session or two of old school TSR games, particularly 1st edition AD&D.

However, as it turns out it now looks very unlikely that I'll be able to go after all. Maybe another time, somewhere down the road.

--John R.