Friday, March 3, 2023


So, Wednesday came a ring at the doorbell that sent the cats scurrying, as usual. Checking the front porch revealed a stack of four boxes. Picking one up and finding it moderately heavy, I said half-jokingly they might at least in part be a shipment of honey, then added that some might be an order of bulk tea instead. Then Janice pointed to the Harper Collins labels on the side, and All Was Clear.


I'd been waiting for the arrival of my author's copies for the new editions

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of THE HISTORY OF THE HOBBIT, both the one-volume hardcover with the Ted Nesmith cover and the deluxe slipcase edition. It's great to have this available again, in my preferred edition: the expanded one-volume edition with the fifth appendix and Addendum. They even included all the artwork with high-quality reproduction, with the frontispieces to both of the original volumes (Fimbulfambi's Map and both sides, front and back, of Bilbo's Contract).

Now that I've had a chance to look this over, it was definitely worth the wait; Harper Collins did a bang-up job.

The only problem (and it's a good kind of problem to have) is that I no longer know how many copies of THE HOBBIT I have.

--John R.


OnTheTrail said...

Great news John. Congrats. May I ask, what is the fold-out poster of? And are there any other exclusives besides the poster?

Many thanks.

John D. Rateliff said...

Dear OTT

I know of no poster, fold-out or otherwise.

This edition is pretty much the same as the 2011 one-volume hardcover; the only extra I'm aware of is the slipcase and cover design that goes with it (on the deluxe edition) vs. the now-standard one-volume with the new Neismith dustjacket.

I can''t say how happy it makes me to have this readily available again, in both the UK and the US, in hardcover and in Kindle.

--John R.

OnTheTrail said...

Thanks John. One can never have enough of these volumes, which is why I am impatiently waiting for these new designs to arrive :-)

Re. the poster. From Amazon UK the description reads:

"Brand new deluxe edition of this definitive companion to The Hobbit, quarter-bound, stamped in gold foil with a unique design inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s own artwork, featuring a ribbon marker and exclusive foldout poster, and housed in a matching custom-built slipcase."

With that I am assuming that your deluxe has no fold-out poster?

Doug Kane said...

This post motivated me to finally order the one volume edition to replace my original (and very well-used) two volume edition.



Charlie Warren said...

Is it possible to have too many copies of The Hobbit?!?!?