Friday, March 17, 2023

The Cat Report (3/17-23)



It was good to be back in the cat room today. Gemini and Aquarius having gone to their new home, we’re now down to just two cats: boned pair Luna and Lily, who gloried in having the whole place all to themselves, especially the big tall cage and the floor of the outer and inner rooms. They came out and prowled and played and asked for attention —amazing to see how much happier they act now that they’re settled into their surroundings and more trusting of the people who come in and interact with them.

Janice and Lily made a cat burrito, though when I tried to follow up with Luna she froze until she cd make her escape. There weren’t any walks today, though we came close. Janice was putting the harness on Lily, who got spooked about halfway through the process and bolted, tearing around the room until we cd catch her and take the half-attached harness off.

Both cats were out most of the shift (the better part of two hours), mostly on the cat-stand in the outer room (esp. Luna) or on the floor in both rooms (esp. Lily). They liked being petted best, with some combing. Then came playing with the various cat-toys.

Some admirers from outside, but I got the impression there were not that many people in the store today (at least during those hours).

Janice noticed that one  of the hinges on the lid of the bench in the outer room is detached: someone with the tools, skill, and time shd come down and fix it.

All in all a quiet shift with well-behaved cats.

—John & Janice

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