Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Christopher's festschrift

So, last year I pre-ordered THE GREAT TALES NEVER END: ESSAYS IN MEMORY OF CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN, edited by Richard Ovenden and Catherine McIlwaine and published by the Bodleian (which holds thousand of pages of Tolkien manuscripts edited by C. T. and then deposited in the Library). It's a book I've been v. much looking forward to but I hadn't known the exact release date. So yesterday I did the obvious thing: dropped the Bodley giftshop* a note asking the release date.

And, with admirable promptness, today I have my answer: my copy shd ship to me on June 24th, or the end of next week.  I know it'll take a while to get here, across an ocean and a continent, but it's nice to know that the release date is so near.

For those who have heard about this one but not any details, the names of the contributors shd be enough to show that this volume shd be of interest to just about anyone interested in Tolkien studies: Priscilla Tolkien, Verlyn Flieger, Wayne G. Hammond, Christina Scull, Tom Shippey, John Garth, Carl Hostetter, Stuart Lee, Brian Sibley, Vincent Ferre, and Maxime Pascal.

Having been waiting for this one for so long, I'm really looking forward to its arrival.

--John R.

*For the book for Christopher, see


Note that the Bodley Shop also has an array of interesting Tolkien themed items, which can be viewed HERE:


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Trotter said...

A quick plug for the Calendar at the Tolkien Collector's Guide


We try and feature Book Release dates as well as Tolkien Events, Auctions, eBooks and Audio releases. We have included the release date for this book but this is also a great resource to see what is coming up.