Thursday, June 16, 2022

Green River strawberries

 So, it's strawberry season again here down in the Green River valley. For a while it was beginning to look like the long string of cool wet weather might prevent the berries from ripening -- a real problem, given that the season is typically only about five weeks long, from the beginning of June to around the Fourth of of July weekend. But the last few days they were able to open and we were quick to take advantage of our good fortune. We got a half-flat (that is, six pints), which sounds like a lot but will go quickly -- there's nothing quite as good as fresh-picked fruit (and fresh picked vegetables). 

Last year the Kent farmer's market shut down completely. This year we heard it'd reopened, but when we swung by we found only one farmer amid lots of booths featuring crafts. Not that there's anything wrong with crafts, but I don't go to a farmer's market for non-farm items.  Last year we went down to the Auburn farmer's market instead, where we found our two favorites of the Yakima farmers who'd fled Kent had set up booths in Auburn instead. There's also news of a second Kent farmer's market this year up on East Hill, so we'll probably stop by there this coming weekend to see if it's more our kind of market.

In the meantime, we've already made some inroads into this week's strawberries and will probably want to restock sooner rather than later.

--John R.

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