Monday, May 31, 2021

Look Familiar? (a D&D test)

 So, if the following list looks familiar, you can probably spot the connecting thread between all these publications.

--John R.

PENUMBRA (Atlas Games)

Three Days to Kill—John Tynes


Green Ronin

Death in Freeport—Chris Pramas

Alderac/AEG  (Adventure Boosters) 

   The Last Gods—Kevin Wilson

   The Illusionist's Daughter—Travis Heermann


Fantasy Flight (LEGENDS & LAIRS)

   The Thief's Gold—Brian Wood

   The Weeping Tree—Brian Patterson 


Troll Lord Games

A Lion in the Ropes—Stephen Chenault

The Fantastic Adventure—Mac Golden


Privateer Press

The Witchfire Trilogy, Book One: The Longest Night—Matt Staroscik


Hammerdog Games  (Building Block Adventures) 

The Grande Temple of Jing—Danny O'Neill


Nightmare Game

The Horror Beneath—Eric Metcalf


Wick Press

 What's That Smell?—John Wick


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