Sunday, May 9, 2021

Hooper elegy

So, I was interested to find the following passage in the Requiem elegy for Walter Hooper, printed in the new volume of THE JOURNAL OF INKLINGS STUDIES (Vol. XI #1, page 77) 

Walter found himself libelled and abused for his editorial work,

first by those who were jealous of the opportunity he had been 

given, and then by those he considered friends.

The theme of betrayal unfortunately followed him as he got older

and found himself defrauded and abandoned

by those he had come to think of as family.  

Strong words. Unusually so, I thought, for a requiem mass. Maybe a case of 'now or never'?

--John R.

P.S.: There are several other interestnig pieces in this issue --esp..the ones on Warnie Lewis's boating and on the MIRACLES debate from Anscombe's point of view. I'll see if I can find the time during breaks between the Tolkien events at Kalamazoo to make a post thereon.

My own Kalamazoo presentation comes on Friday. Here's hoping it goes over okay.


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