Saturday, May 22, 2021

Cat Walking Friday (5/21-21)

 So, after a week off for Kalamazoo, I was back in the Cat Room yesterday. In the interim a new pair of bonded cats, who didn't get along at all* with our bonded pair In Residence, came and went without my ever seeing them. By all reports having the whole room to themselves again greatly improved the two Resident Cats' mood: TINA and KENDA were both affectionate and demanding of attention. 

KENDA out on his walk.

KENDA went out for a long walk (fifty minutes) and went all over the store, from the far wall to the door leading to the warehouse to the sliding doors to Outside. These got his special attention: he crouched down a good ways off and watched them for a while. He may not be putting together a Great Escape, but we shd keep an eye on him nonetheless. 

He remembers where the aisle with the catnip and cat toys is located, returning to it several times. Also in his explorations he came across the plastic grass for aquariums, which at first he thought was some kind of sick joke but then got interested in. I had a hard time keeping him off of it, so after his walk I bought the twosome a little container of live grass, which they both enjoyed v. much.

He does not like dogs, even small well-behaved ones, making a dignified withdrawal when he saw them.

TIKA also had a walk (maybe fifteen minutes) that was much more low key. She crouched on top of the half-high cat stands just outside the cat-room. At one point she licked the glass from outside: odd behavior I'd not seen before. 

Tina remains the queen of the mood swing and goes from rubbing up against you to  swatting when you respond, but she's well-behaved while on walks. Both have become door dashers.

After the walks Kenda rolled around some belly up and played some. Tika followed me about and Supervised.  It’s amazing how different they are when on home territory than when coping with intruders, esp. Tina.

—John R. 
-- who's beginning to wonder just how long I've been volunteering for the Cat Rooms. Definitely past the ten-year mark.

*to the extent that at one point a representative of each side Gave Battle

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