Friday, March 12, 2021

Friday Midday in Cats

So, only two cats in the adoption room today, down from six this time last week.  

I knew Sonona and Panoma had found new homes, but hadn’t heard that Ruby and Timmy had been adopted as well.

That just left JILL and JACK, who enjoyed being out the whole two hours. They spent most of their time in the front room, playing games (with me, with each other, and sometimes by themselves), enjoying being petted and the occasional roll on the floor combined with a good belly rub. Each had a half-hour walk and showed themselves v. sociable, walking up to people to make themselves available for being petted.  Jack has an Opinion about dogs, which is that they’re okay so long as he doesn’t see or hear them. So I think we can add ’no dogs’ to his profile.

When I got home I gave one of our own cats a double walk so they don’t feel left out. He is after all a Purrfect Pals alumni in his own right.

Here’s a picture of Jill (or Jack).

—John R.

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