Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Cat Report (W.5/17-17)

Being neither sick nor out of town, I got to come in and see the three cats today: Avery, Edith, and Minerva. It was nice to renew acquaintance with Avry and Edith and to get to meet Minerva. All were glad to get some attention but reluctant to come out of their cages. Avery was out the most, asserting her Boss Cat credentials, while Edith seemed to be trying, not very successfully, to get Minerva to accept a position at the bottom of the totem pole. All three had long (twenty to thirty minute) walks. 

Edith went first. I carried her around the store for the first half of her walk, then she decided she wanted down on her own feet and did pretty well.

Avry objected to going out and then had a good time once out in the store. She wanted to go in the dog-training room, a favorite spot of hers, but unfortunately it was locked. She kept leading me back to it again and again, hoping I’d change my mind and be reasonable. She was deeply alarmed by the fish, thinking that anything that chose to live in water was not to be trusted. 

Minerva was a real surprise. I had a time getting the collar on her, but once outside she showed herself to be energetic and decisive. She went all over the store, inspecting each door and wanting it opened. She wasn’t bothered by the fish tanks at all, apparently deciding it they stayed on their side of the glass and she stayed on hers all would be well. Think a lot of her exploring was to map out the store in her head, taking careful note of the location of things like the row of cat-trees. It’ll be interesting how much she remembers and to see where she goes next time.

Back in the room between the walks I tried out various games, with little results. I also got slapped a lot when petting all three cats; they welcomed attention at first but quickly decided that was enough and I shd stop now.

random observations: 
Avry is definitely the Boss Cat in the room.
Avery deliberately used Minera’s box while Minerva was out on her walk. 

Edith really loves being scratched beneath her collar; think it’s a bit itchy for her there.
Edith has an amazing purr. 

Minerva doesn’t look or act like a senior cat; I’d have guessed she was about half her posted age.
Minerva is a great walker; the best we’ve had in quite a while. But it’s a real struggle getting her suited up and on her way.

—John R. 

P.S. (update):
Sorry to hear about the Calci. Glad Pierre is responding to treatment. 

Also sorry at the news that Avry’s potential adoption has fallen through. Hope she’s soon in a home of her own again.

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