Monday, August 10, 2015

The Watermelon Ninja

So, still working on the Mythcon report -- but in the meantime thought I'd share some pictures Janice took on Saturday to celebrate our having gotten to the Kent Farmer's Market early and snagged ourselves a real watermelon, with seeds. And a good-sized one too. Decided it deserved dispatch with the sword Janice got me a few years back. Janice decided to record the results, and here they are:

--More later.
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MALICE IN THE PALACE (the latest in the Royal Spyness series)
THE DWELLER IN THE MOON POOL by A. Merritt (The Book That Wd Not End)
current anime: STARSHIP OPERATORS (re-watching)

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Unknown said...

Dear John,

That's some action with the watermelon!

Can we exchange emails offline? I was Elaine Griffith's student at St. Anne's College in 1967-8. I much enjoyed your essay in Perilous and Fair about Tolkien's female research students. I have often wondered why Miss Griffiths didn't publish. Your article helped me understand some reasons but raised other questions.

You can reach me at

Many thanks,


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