Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm Back

So, it's been a while since I posted last, having been wholly wrapped up in finalizing my Charles Williams piece (the-project-that-wd-not-end), turning my draft tailored for oral presentation into a finished essay, complete with bibliography and, this being me, quite a lot of notes. I originally overwrote, but with Janice's help managed to cut the piece by about a third, greatly improving its structure and, I think, making clearer the relation of the parts to the whole. Much of this deleted material has been moved to the appendices, where those who are interested can read more about specific points without their interfering in the presentation of the main theme.

Anyway, it's now done and off and provisionally accepted, barring my adding a few more necessary details to the bibliography, which I hope I'll be able to take care of with a quick trip to the Wade next month.  Now on to the next project -- or rather projects, since there are several jostling for attention: a piece I submitted that the editors want me to make some changes on, getting in a proposal for next year's Kalamazoo, and of course the festschrift among them.

For now, though, it's good to be putting a big project behind me and moving on to something else; what I call that new project feel.  Plus, it was high time to put all those Wms and Wms-related books I had piled around the desk, ready at hand to consult, back on the shelves.


current anime: DRAGONBALL Z (yes, really), THE TALE OF PRINCESS KAGUYA.

today's quote: "It don't look like they're here to deliver the mail" (Powderfinger)

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