Monday, August 31, 2015

Chaosium gets a little less chaotic

So, Chaosium has long been one of those great game companies known on the one hand for producing some of the best rpg products ever made but on the other for being disorganized, even by the standards of our industry -- or, in a word, kinda chaotic in dealing with the practicalities of the business.

Recently founding fathers Greg Stafford (designer of PENDRAGON, one of the best rpgs ever written) and Sandy Petersen (designer of CALL OF CTHULHU, the most long-lived of all non-D&D games, and also the best) returned to the company, installed a new crew of People in Charge, and generally tried to set things on a more orderly footing. The hope is that the new folks might be able to sort things out and get some long-delayed projects done and actually out the door.

One extremely promising sign suggesting they're serious about this their announcement that they're putting Jim Lowder in charge of their fiction line. Jim is not just an experienced editor and anthologizer but has long been an advocate of fair contracts for freelancers. In short, this Bodes Well.
Here's the announcement:

Congratulations to Jim, and high hopes that Chaosium's line of horror short story anthologies.

--John R.

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