Saturday, August 29, 2015

A New C. S. Lewis play in the works

So, having gone to see THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS and then more recently THE GREAT DIVORCE, we've gotten on A List. Which means we get mailings with updates on future plans by the group behind these small-cast plays: the 'Fellowship for Performing Arts'. The latest news from whom is that they have two new plays in the works. The first concerns Martin Luther (MARTIN LUTHER ON TRIAL) -- a bit of a departure from their norm -- but the second is true to form: THE MOST RELUCTANT CONVERT, described in their letter/flyer as "[a] new theatre piece on C. S. Lewis' journey from atheism to Christianity".

There have been Lewis-based dramatizations before, from Swann's PERELANDRA to the radio-play STING OF THE DARK TOWER. There have even been ones that brought CSL on stage, like Kreeft's BETWEEN HEAVEN & HELL (assuming that's ever actually been staged) and, more recently, the CSL-meets-Sigmund Freud FREUD'S LAST SESSION.  But I don't think the conversion story has been presented in this way before. Shd be interesting.

And I'm sure they'll send us lots and lots of flyers when it's coming to town.

currently reading: Tennyson (it'll take a while, he being in no hurry to get anywhere)

today's quote: When the first shot hit the dock, I saw it coming (Powderfinger)

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