Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Return of the Cat Report (W. 7/17-13)

It was a spacious, uncrowded room this morning, with only four cats: Edna, Moreo, Mr. Boogieman, and BoNo. Seems like not that long ago that we had a full house, with little Wilbur (a v. self-possessed little kitten) the first to go and then Bugsy the Walk Monster. For Bunny (the shy), Chloe (the calm), Silver (the stalker), and Dermot (the goofy) to all go together just in three days or so is amazing. 

Of those still with us today, all four got walks. 
--It's only a week since I first got Mr. Boogieman to go out on the leash; this time he actually approached some kids (whereas last week he shied away if he spotted any kids in the offing). Afterwards he came in and took up his usual spot near the door, enjoying the nice breeze and a good lookout spot that's still low and safe. He did play some games.

Edna had a very good walk; today was the most friendly and affectionate I've ever seen her. She let me pet her and do her ears, played games with the bug-on-a-stick, and let me groom her a bit. What a sea-change. Just hope she doesn't backslide when the room fills up again.

BoNo had a pretty good walk, for him, but as usual is v. shy and easily spooked. He was rather interested in the birds, but for some reason insisted on going over near the dog-room. After he came back in he snoozed in various spots, much enjoying being groomed and petted and having his ears done.

Mr. MOREO had an epic walk which even took him all over. What a great cat. He had trouble settling down after going back in the cat-room, wanting at one point to enjoy the breeze under the door but finding that area too crowded for him, between Boogieman and Bo and sometimes a kitten (see below). Luckily Cher came in and gave him a second walk, which I gather he found entirely satisfactory.

About an hour after I got there LInda and her daughter brought in her two fosterlings: the thirteen-week-old adorable kittens AMY and ALISA. Amy is the one w. white paws; Alisa is the growl monster. They explored, and played, and explored and played some more. Amy was sure there was some sort of game to be played with the broom but cdn't quite figure out what it was. One of them, Alisa I think, is a Paper Monster: she got ahold of a roll of paper towels and kicked and bit as only a baby predator can. Neither is cuddly, at least at this stage. At the v. end of my shift I took Amy out briefly on the leash; she spent most of her time fussing over the leash and collar but think that'll quickly pass. 

And now, just since I drafted this, I find the room has filled; look forward to making the acquaintance of Sammie, Runa, Redmond, and Bucket.

Note: one of the donations boxes is full-ish and, more importantly, seems to be broken (easy to open up, so cdn't put it out)

--John R.

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