Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bruce Cordell leaves Wizards

So, Bruce Cordell has just announced that he's leaving Wizards to the Coast. It's been an amazing eighteen year run, during which time he's earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest designers (gamespeak for "writer") in the rpg industry. I'm proud to have edited his first project for TSR back in Lake Geneva days: THE GATES OF FIRESTORM PEAK, a supremely creepy dungeon with a strong sidedose of weird. That same mix came together for his next project, RETURN TO THE TOMB OF HORRORS; it's still a regret of mine that, having been the original editor on that project, I wasn't able to finish it because of falling prey to the Christmas purge of '96.* We worked together a little after my coming on board at Wizards of the Coast; when I was running behind on THE REVERSE DUNGEON and had to down tools in order to begin work editing the Third Edition core rulebooks (i.e., co-editing the 3e PLAYER'S HANDBOOK and DUNGEON MASTER'S GUIDE), he stepped in and wrote the third scenario to fill out the adventure. And I'm still glad to have had the luck to play with him in Monte Cook's Cthulhu campaign back in Lake Geneva, when Monte ran a group of us (Sue, Bruce, Keith, Ray, myself) through Pagan P.'s WALKER IN THE WASTE

So, thanks for all the great games so far, Bruce, and best of luck in your new ventures.

--John R.

*luckily it fell into the capable hands of Steve Winter and Skip Williams, who saw it through to publication after The Great Interregnum ended.

I forgot to include the link to Bruce's own announcement of the momentous event:



grodog said...
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grodog said...

Walker in the Wastes I'd probably my favorite Pagan book, John. I didn't know that Monte had run this; anytime you would care to share more info, we'd love to hear about your exploits :)


PS - I hate auto-correct ;)