Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Cat Report (W. 7/24-13)

WIth Charlie Buckett's adoption and the kittens (Amy and Alisha)' having gone home for a final round of cuddling and socializing, we had just seven cats, making the cat room seem nice and roomy.

Can't say how excited I am about Edna's pending adoption. I brought in an extra of one of her favorite toys and put it in her cage to go home with her. I also think we shd let her take that little pink bed she enjoyed spending so much time in up on the cagetops.

Started off the day today with walking Edna Jane, who was a little skittish but much admired, as usual. Mr. Boogieman once again turned down a walk, emphatically (he doesn't trust me with that leash and collar anywhere around his neck), but Mr. Moreo was happy to take it on. He had another of his epic walks and as usual was reluctant for it all to end; did some mrrr-ing once back in the room. At the end of the morning when he saw I was finishing everything up he suggested that another walk would be a nice note to end on, and I agreed. Alas for poor Moreo: by now we were well into the lunch hour, the store was much busier than before, and there seemed to be dogs everywhere. He tried all sorts of detours, but everyone ended up with a barky dog at the end of it, so he finally went back over towards the cat room and got up on the pet-beds, soothing himself by doing his paws on the little white cat-bed thereon. After that he was willing to go in.

To take the cats in order: EDNA JANE had her walk, then got petted, then went high, then had a good game, then relaxed with a little bag of catnip all her own. Eventually she requested her steps be put in place so she cd come down on her own, curling up in her own cage with the door open. Looked over all intake/out-take reports for the past seven months; it was interesting to skim through all the various stages she's gone through (friendly but shy, sitting atop a cat-stand but only when under a blanket, refusing to come out of her cage at all, discovering the cage-tops, finally accepting walks, and recently welcoming petting and attention. Quite a transformation. I wish I'd known months ago how much of her hiss was a bluff. Looking forward to her happy ending.

MOREO, as noted above, had his walk, as he considered right and proper, then relaxed atop the cages. He and Edna divided things up between them without much fuss; he even let her get quite close when she was deciding to come back down. He does like to use the other cats' dirt-boxes, either because it's his way of indicating he's boss or because he doesn't want the fuss of jumping up to the higher tier of cages where his own accommodations reside. In any case, he's his usual handsome and agreeable self, except when in the midst of petitioning for his right to another walk.

MR. BOOGIEMAN had a quiet day, as usual, spending most of his time in his favorite spot underneath the cat-stands by the door. But he did have some activity; I brought in a box which he investigated with great interest. He also got quote excited by a game, running back and forth across the room in pursuit of a bug-on-a-stick. Rare to see him that active; think it did him good. Did let me pet him a little towards end of morning, but he still doesn't trust a hand reaching towards or over his head, poor fellow. We got a nice game going at one point with bug-on-a-stick, with Edna pouncing on the bug when it went high and Boogieman chasing it around when it was down low. It was a good game, apparently, since Redmond joined in, then Runa as well, and then even Bo (Moreo was being lordly up high, and Samm was in her cage; otherwise everybody joined in).

BO had a nice quiet day, just the way he likes it. Much admired, petted from time to time, keeping out of the way of the other cats. At one point he asked to go into the kittens' double-cube, which he seemed to enjoy greatly: all that space to himself. He was quite put out when I made him leave, eventually. Always gets oo'd and ah'd over by visitors.

RUNA has really made the room her own. She lounged about on cat-stands (those furthest from the door), explored, and deciding that the cabinet offered the most interesting possibilities. She got in among the shelves on her own, eventually (with a little help) winding up on top of the cabinet, where she could keep a good eye on things when not snoozing. Loves attention but fine without it, hanging out on her own. Easy to see how she'll make herself right at home in whatever household she winds up in.

REDMOND has gotten over his initial attack of shyness and came out without any trouble, claiming the cat-stand by the door as his perch. Loves being petted, loves games, loves having his ears done. Be warned: he nips when he gets excited during a game, or even sometimes when he's really into a petting session. Whoever put that extra box in his cage did him a big favor; he's no longer crouching in his dirt-box. Glad he's doing so much better; hope he too soon finds the perfect home.

And that just leaves SAMANTHA, who refused to come out and, when lifted out, immediately dashed back in. Wound up putting her in another cat's (uncleaned) cage with the door shut to have enough time to clean her cage, then let her back in it. Don't know what's got her so spooked; she's a sweet thing, but not at all happy being outside her own little safe place. Have to try what treats, games, and cat-hip might do next week.  

Took a picture of Edna (looking wary) and of Runa (cleaning herself with abandon) which I'll post if I can figure out how. 

--John R.

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