Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Cat Report (Friday July 19th)

Today got to see the cats again, filling in for Bonnie. Coming in to a full house makes for quite a change from just two days ago.

Or at least it was technically a full house, but in actual fact the two kittens were home getting some extra loving / socializing; there was a note they'd be back in at four o'clock.

We started the day with a walk for EDNA, who didn't stay out long. But being indulged and given her rights of seniority put her in a friendly mellow mood, and she was on her best behavior all morning, actually coming up to the edge of the cage-tops and asking for attention, accepting petting, enjoying a game, etc. She even came down on her own when she was good and ready. Cher, do you think it's worthwhile our getting a calming collar and putting it on her to see if she might act this mellow around visitors to the cat-room? I don't know how well she'd tolerate a collar, but might be worth a try.

Next up Mr. BOOGIEMAN was offered a walk but was deeply suspicious about this whole collar thing and so decided to pass. Later he did come out and enjoyed his usual spot underneath cat-stand #1. Generally had a quiet but pleasant morning, I think. He drew attention from a lot of visitors, most of it beginning with "Oh my god that's a big cat". He went back into his cage on his own around 12.30, lying on his side up front in his cage and sticking both white paws through the bars, completely relaxed.

Mr MOREO had another epic walk today. He was intrigued by a chirping room (the one at the end of the little hall by the cat-room) but was soon off and about. He clearly had someplace he wanted to go but kept running into dogs in the way, forcing him to make detours. Eventually he got where he was going and thoroughly enjoyed himself. After I made him come in, he went twice into Samantha's cage -- once to use her box, and once just to hang out. She was in there the first time and didn't seem to mind the company. As usual he asked for further walks and was disappointed not to get them, but when he finally went back into his cage he went to sleep at once.

BoNose didn't get a walk, but he did get lots of attention. He got friendlier and friendlier as the morning wore on -- initially seeking out the rondel beneath the cat-stand by the cabinet, then shifting over to inside one of the small ones on the bench, to coming up and mewing asking to be petted when it was time to go back in his cage. The cataract doesn't seem to bother him much; he seems able to see just fine. Much admired by visitors. 

Of the new cats, two stayed in (Redmond and Bucket) and two came out (Runa and Samantha). Dermot impersonator RUNA hesitated at first, then decided to come out and wound up exploring quite a bit. After Edna had gone back inside I put him up to explore the cage-tops, which he enjoyed; he also tried out the cabinet top, the shelves inside the cabinet, and eventually the tops of various cat-stands. He enjoyed himself thoroughly and objected to going back in his cage when the time came. SAMANTHA, our new tailless wonder, stayed in until she suddenly decided to come out, working her way past cats and cat stands along the bench until she reached the spot she wanted: inside the small cat-stand on the bench (the one furthest from the door). There she slumbered till she had to go back in, the last and most reluctant to do so -- she even came up to the front of her cage and purred at me asking for more attention. So she's a sweet little cat can be v. friendly, it just takes her a while to warm up. 

That just left BUCKETT, sleek and grey, who is sweet but very shy. Think she'll be coming out soon, but for now she preferred to stay inside and was wary of being petted. As for REDMOND (who also has a bit of a Dermot-ish look), whoever thought of giving him a box with a blanket deserves congratulations. He stayed in that box the whole time, except when my cleaning the cage around him upset him and he switched over to the litter-box again; I was glad to see he switched back after a while. Very shy but what a beautiful cat. You can tell he's had a hard life by the ears.

Oh, and I shd mention that among today's visitors were Katrina and also Amy, both of whom the cats were glad to see (and vice versa).

And that's it for this morning. Hope we get lots of visitors and maybe an adopter or two over the weekend.

--John R.

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