Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What a Week!

So, busy week.

Monday was the D&D Next playtest, where we spent so long re-doing characters to match the latest iteration of the  playtest rules that we didn't actually play. Better luck next week -- except that several of us are tied up then, so it'll really be two weeks before we play again. Assuming the approaching holiday doesn't throw that off.
My note for their next encounter reads: Sheep on a rock.

Tuesday was the presidential election. Woo-hoo. I was on edge all day and excited to watch the coverage that night. So Nate Silver's still right. Good to know. Here's hoping the President is able to enact more of his agenda in the second term than in the first.
   Earlier in the day, I renewed my driver's license. Amazingly enough, I passed the vision test. Which makes me wonder about some of my fellow drivers out there . . .

Wednesday's a quiet evening at home, waiting for the season debut of our favorite show, TOP CHEF. This season's set in Seattle, so there'll be the fun of spotting familiar sights in the background throughout the season.
   And, of course, this morning was my time with the Purrfect Pals cats. Speaking of which, Mr. Pitts is now in one of the adoption rooms, which is good. Unfortunately, it's the one furthest from where I live, all the way up in Mt. Vernon. Still, it's good to know he's safe and sound and being well cared for. Now I just hope he finds a home soon. Here's a link to his on-line posting; if you click on his name you get more information (including the information that I am "a kind man"; good to know).

I'll post this week's Cat Report here once I have time to write it up.

Thursday marks the day of Wayne & Christina lecture at Marquette, the second in their 'Year of the Hobbit' series. If you're interested in Tolkien and anywhere in the area, you shd definitely go to this; Wayne & Christina really know their stuff, and they give a great lecture. I can pretty much guarantee you'll come away knowing something about Tolkien you didn't before.

Oh, and I'll be seeing the dentist that day. I'd rather be seeing friends at a Tolkien event at Milwaukee.

Friday starts a three-day weekend, during which we're looking forward to getting together with a friend we haven't seen in a while.

So, like I said: busy week.

--John R.
current reading: ISLE OF DREAD (D&D adv), and Lemony Snicket's WHO COULD THAT BE AT THIS HOUR?, part one (apparently) of ALL THE WRONG QUESTIONS.

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