Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Die Is Cast (The Long Trailer)

So, we've now taken the plunge: yesterday we bought the ticket to see the new HOBBIT movie on opening day. I suppose we'd been holding off in hopes we might hear of someone organizing going as a group to a specific showing at a specific theatre, as was the case with the three LotR movies (where the group was most made up of current and ex-WotC folk). Which might still be the case: back in '01, '02, and '03 we saw each movie twice the same day -- the first time to just enjoy and the second to try to take it all in, looking more for specific details, given that I was asked to review each for the WotC website. That's not the case this time, but I'll still want to review it on the blog, and the watch-it-twice-in-one-day tradition worked so well that it seems a good one to preserve.

So here's where we'll be: Friday December 14th, Kent Station, 11.30 am showing.  No Imax, no 3-d: just plain unadulterated film.

No idea yet where the second showing might be later that day, but we may try for one of the Imax/3d options there. Or not, depending on time and place and availability of tickets.

Meanwhile, thanks to Janice, here's the link to a seven-and-a-half minute trailer created by fans who edited together all the footage shown in the various trailers released so far. There's a lot here I hadn't seen before, so I must have missed a trailer or two along the way. This compilation lacks the pacing of the professionally produced trailers, but you really get a good sense of the movie, though of course an incomplete one,* through watching it. The usual spoiler warnings apply.

I think I'm now at the point where I can recognize each dwarf on sight. 

I'll probably be watching this every day from now till Dec. 14th.

--John R.

*i.e., it naturally focuses the attention on what's included or at least referenced, and so makes it easy to forget about scenes and characters not represented in the trailers.

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