Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cat Report (Wednesday Morning 11/21-12)

With eleven cats in ten cages, the Cat Room is nice and full again (and, as an added bonus, they all of them seem to be well).

Congr. to sweet Quibble and sassy Gabrielle for finding themselves holms, and the kittens as well.

Since I'm late getting this written up (what with Thanksgiving and all), I'll keep this relatively brie.

EDNA JANE, the newcomer, stayed inside all morning, as did Mr. NIKO. But Edna did let me pet her, and didn't mind when I cleaned the cage around her. What a beautiful, beautiful cat!  Once she's brave enough to be out and about I think she'll attract a lot of attention. As for Mr. Niko, he was calmer about this time, esp. when he realized I wasn't going to make him move. Both enjoyed being petted.

Our other shy cat, TARAH, is finding her niche, avoiding the other cats while doing what she likes best -- which in her case is hanging out at the base of the cat-stand by the door. The other cats seem to have decided she's not a threat and mostly ignore her, which is an improvement over her being picked on.  She does enjoy being petted.

Little Lady CLAIRE is our new walker, v. endearing with her fluffy tail-tip and little squeaky mew.  Her "walks" consist mainly of her going up to the nearest person and asking to be petted, then purring when picked up. She was delighted to find the cat-tree-forest, and also expressed considerable interest in the Banfield area, having discovered that there's a door to the outside there.

Our other semi-walker, MR. BROTHERS, still gets nervous when out; I think he enjoys the status of getting a walk (as something he can lord over the other cats) over the actual walk itself. Once back inside he at once sought out the catnip and was fine from that point on, spending time here and there before mostly settling on the right side of the cagetops.  Oddly enough, he considers Tarah's cube his summer home, and is in and out of it quite a lot. Luckily this time she wasn't there, so all was well. Don't know why he's so interested in this specific cage.

Mr.ASHWYN was his usual vocal self, with more wails than hisses today. Early on (post-catnip) he settled atop the cat-stand furthest from the door. A little later I covered him (all but the head) with a blanket, and he loved it, staying that was the rest of the morning. 

LEMURA and MARIE enjoyed the cat-stands, and being petted, but thought the kittens were a little too active. Each wanted more attention than I wound up giving them; have to make more time for the well-behaved ones next time.

GOBLYNN loves the cage-tops. She went up their early and stayed late, being one of the last to go inside at end-of-morning. She didn't mind sharing the World Above with Mr. Brothers, and he didn't seem to mind her being up their either (it may have helped that she stayed to the left and he to the right, a v. reasonable division of territory). Aside from playing with the ball-in-a-ring game, she had a quiet morning. I'll have to break out the laser pointer for her next time to get a little exercise. 

And that just leaves the two adorable kitten-sister, NINJA and SAMURAI. Both were full of activity and much admired. Eventually Samurai claimed a newly-cleaned cage (Ashwyn',s as it turned out) and snoozed, while Ninja became v. interested in what I was doing, riding on my shoulder and 'helping' me clean the cages. She eventually claimed Lemura's cage, until it was end of morning and time for everybody to go back into their own places -- which they did will relatively little fuss.

Lots of visitors, some of whom are in the 'thinking about it' stage (lost a cat lately, beginning to think of finding a new cat to fill the empty cat-shaped place in their lives), but no serious nibbles.

At one point I got a string-game going that involved about half the cats in the room, w. Marie and Lemura on either end and the kittens in the middle; Mr. Brothers was also deeply interested.

Health concern: Eveyone seemed fine, except for some dried throw-up on Edna's blanket. 

Great news to hear the kittens will soon have a new home. Glad to have made their acquaintance, even briefly, esp. little Ninja.

--John R.

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