Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Cat Report (W. 11/14-12)

A (mostly) quiet morning in the cat room, starting off with some walks and ending with (almost) everybody lounging about, snoozing and occasionally being petted and much admired by visitors.

Congr. to SeeConnie and the kittens. We're now back up to a full house with the arrivals of LEMURA, MARIE, and little GOBLYNN.

QUIBBLE had a quiet day, sleeping in her cage until lifted out so I cd clean it, then sleeping curled up small atop the little cat-stand by the door until I eventually put her back. I'm so glad to hear last night that she's been adopted -- I'd begun to fear she's so quiet she'd be overlooked. And while being as patient as possible she really wasn't happy in the cat-room, so glad to know she's headed for a home where I hope she'll receive much pampering.

GABRIELLE, our little black fluff twist-tailed princess who's also going to a home of her own today was doing her victory lap: first a little walk, then much petting and cuddling, then lording it atop the cat-stand by the door. There was much purring anytime I petted her; v. satisfactory for all concerned. I'll miss her, but I'm very glad she'll have a home of her own, probably by the time I post this.

Mr. NIKO was terrified of coming out of his cage and even worried over letting me clean and straighten up around him. Then, once he was convinced all that was over, it was like flipping a switch: seconds after having scratched me (nothing serious) for moving his blankets around he was purring and head-butting and wanting attention -- so long as it was in his safe place. Poor Niko: he certainly doesn't put his best foot forward on the 'adopt me! adopt me!' front.

I wasn't aware that MARIE was a celebrity, having never heard of John Bartlett's video record of her kittens' fostering (I'll have to go back and check it out). That explains a PetsMart employee's telling me she was famous. No idea what may have become of her special quilt. She's certainly a sweet cat: confident and friendly, who enjoyed exploring the room and picking out the spot that suited her best -- which turned out to be the mid-level of the cat-stand by the door, under Gabrielle and above Tarah (see below). Between her fame and her winning personality, she shd find a home quickly.

Mr. BROTHERS has certainly cemented his position of The Boss; he goes wherever he wants and does whatever he wants, ignoring all the other cats as he goes by. Still find it hard to believe he's the oldest cat there: certainly doesn't act like it. Next to exploring he loves catnip best, especially if you put it in a box and there's some things he needs to dig through to get at it. He also enjoys being Up High, and doesn't mind climbing past other cats to get there (much to their alarm). 
   Did have one unpleasant incident late in the morning: he went into Tarah's cage, apparently not knowing that she was in there behind the overhanging blanket. When he did discover her, there was a great to-do: much hissing and growling and swatting. He came out about the time I got there (having been on the other end of the room), then went back in and swatted at her some more. I made him leave and closed the door for her, and he quickly calmed down. Don't know what that was all about; v. unlike him, I thought.

TARAH was her usual quiet self, mostly keeping herself to herself but appreciating a little petting now and then. She's coming out much sooner now, and definitely has a favorite place beneath the cat-stand near the door. Aside from the incident where Mr. Brothers went after her, I'd say she had a good morning. She even came back out on her own later on. I'll have to make time to play with her more next week, now that she's feeling more at home in the cat-room. 

CLAIRE , our little buzz-cut white fluff squeaker, is quite the flirt; the only thing she loves more than attention is more attention. She enjoyed the top of the basket, and being petted thereon, and purring. Much admired by onlookers. Someone asked a question I cdn't answer, so I'll pass it along: what happened to her fur? Obviously it's been shaved, except for her head and legs and tip of her tail, but why?

Mr. ASHWYN has taken to wailing when Brothers gets close, or when he thinks Brothers might get close, or when he thinks some other cat might be sneaking up on him. Accordingly after his morning catnip he enjoyed being atop cat-stand #2, where he was up above it all. He also explored the cage-tops a little, but came back to the cat-stand. In-between he was atop the cabinet messing with the bag of catfood up there; it was not until later that I discovered he'd actually gnawed a hole in the back and helped himself to a little appertif. Taped it back up best I cd, which was not v. well. People continue to be amazed at how big he is. Wish I cd get him to walk, the better to let him show himself off, but the attempts so far haven't proved a success (he's just too scared of being out in that great big store). 

LEMURA is a sweet cat who has opted out from all the drama. She's decided the rondel beneath cat-stand #2 was a nice spot, so she claimed it. Came out and explored from time to time, but each time went back to her new favorite spot. Enjoys attention and doesn't seem to mind being around other cats.

little GOBLYNN is not just polydactyl but our third kink-tail cat (Gabrielle, Marie, Goblynn). She loves to explore and doesn't mind being petted; I held her at one point and she quickly began to doze off. But her favorite thing in the world is a roll of paper towels, especially if it's on its side on the bench, where she can tear into it proper and teach it who's boss. I'll have to try her with the laser-game next time.

Health Concerns: Goblynn was drooling for no apparent reason. At first thought she'd thrown up but no, it was just two long strands of saliva hanging down on either side. Happened two or three times at mid-morning; seemed fine before and after.
   Gabrielle wheezed at one point: sounded v. much like an incipit hairball. Also, she used her dirt-box (pooping) just before I left; I cleaned it up but forgot to record it in the intake/output book.
   Lemura had peed outside the box. Since she'd mostly peed in it, think this was a simple miss.

--And that's about it for this week
--John R.

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