Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wheaton College and Rachel Maddow

So, had the tv on Monday watching the Rachel Maddow show* and just as I was turning it off as our D&D playtest group was arriving, saw that the next story was something about Wheaton College. That got my curiosity up, and I wondered if it was the same Wheaton College, home of the Wade Collection, wh. I've been visiting once a year or so since about '83, or the Wheaton College in Massachusetts where Michael Drout teaches, or some other Wheaton College altogether.

A little poking around yesterday reveals that yes indeed, it is the Wheaton in Wheaton, Illinois. Here's the clip from Maddow's show that I just missed:

And here's a somewhat more tempered reporting of the story that offers a little more background into how this came about.

The saddest part comes at the end, where a representative of the group managing the lawsuit suggests the college just drop all health care for everyone who works there. I hope that this doesn't happen. And, if that does come to pass, the group steps forward to provide free health care to all those Wheaton employees.


*which we'd gotten out of the habit of when it got too self-indulgent and are recently dipping back into now and again

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David Bratman said...

One item relevant to employee health care coverage that I don't see mentioned in the HP piece is that Wheaton apparently only hires professing Christians as employees in the first place. (I don't know their exact definition of professing Christians.)