Monday, August 13, 2012

I Talk to a Reporter

So, this morning I had a phone conversation with a reporter who's writing a piece on JRRT and THE HOBBIT and said she'd been told I knew a lot about that topic. It was a good talk; she had clearly done her due diligence, reading several books on JRRT (e.g., Carpenter, Shippey, Letters) to get a solid footing. I hope I was able to provide her with information she can use, and look forward to eventual publication of her piece. More about this down the line, when her article appears.



David Bratman said...

If this is a feature article with a long deadline, let me suggest that you write the reporter a follow-up e-mail reiterating your important points. Then she may quote you from the e-mail and get your thoughts represented more accurately.

I have done this once or twice with success, and once was distinctly sorry when I did not.

John D. Rateliff said...

Thanks David; good idea. I'll do that. --JDR