Friday, August 17, 2012

Too many topics

So, I'd been planning to post some CALL OF CTHULHU characters I created for an adventure I ran at the last GwenCon, thinking pregens are always welcome and that it'd be something appropriate to post at the rate of one per day during GenCon (which started yesterday).

But then Janice showed me the trailer for the Gygx documentary

Which wd go nicely with a bit about the recent Scooby Doo D&D episode

Not to mention having just discovered that there's a 'tone poem' based on JURGEN

Or the news story about a whistleblower menaced by English police

But I think the post I most want to make is the kitten at the Guantanamo gulag (Gitmo Kitmo?)

Once the deadline pressure lets up, and I get that final section finished and can go back and make a final pass (the piece currently being in the unenviable position of being slightly too long and yet not quite finished).

So, for now they'll have to wait a bit.

--John R.

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Dan A said...

Hello Dr. Rateliff,

My name is Dan Arden and I'm a producer on the behind-the-scenes documentary team working on the upcoming films of "The Hobbit". We're the same group that produced the documentaries on "The Lord of the Rings" DVDs a decade ago. I'd love to talk with you in the next week or two if you are available. Here's my contact info:


Thank you,