Sunday, August 12, 2012

On Deadline

So, thanks to a weekend spent mostly at the desk, I've now finished over 5800 words of my current project, which must come in at no less than 6000 and no more than 7000 words. Still have two sections (out of seven) and the concluding paragraph to go, so it'll be a hard squeeze to get it all in. When I reach the end, there may be a need for going back and inflicting some judicious trimming. I hope not. We'll see.

The one good thing is that I still have a little time before it's due (end of September), but then I'll be busy for most of that month with our trip to England right in the middle of it. Plus I need to go through and make sure the format fits the one prescribed by the publisher before it'll be ready for turnover.

Still, it's better to be plugging away and nearing the end six weeks out than to be doing the same two or three days before the deadline. So there's that.

Here's hoping I can finish it up in the next few days.


current reading: just finished MEMOIRS OF HECATE COUNTY (saint be praised!). [#II.3017]
beginning on Wilson's third, and thankfully last, mini-novel: THE HIGHER JAZZ.

audiobook: just finished a re-listen of an old Borges tape (regretfully, not read by the great man himself)
current audiobook: Dylan Thomas declaiming some of his poems (a gift long ago from my friends Peter & Mary, back in Milwaukee days).

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