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The Judges Guild List

Judges Guild list



So, I like to make lists. 


In part this is probably part of my endless, and essentially unsuccessful, efforts to get organized. But for me it's also a way to get to know the material, on a word-by-word level: to spot connections not otherwise apparent. 


Anyway, seeing the new Judges Guild expanded reprints at GaryCon last week* reminded me of the Judges Guild list I put together a few months back, which I thought I'd share.  It differs from the listing on Wikipedia in that those are alphabetical whereas mine is chronological; my list also emphasizes authors. It's a working document, not as complete or polished as one, now lost, that I did back in Lake Geneva days. But I hope some may find it useful, or at the least enjoy a glimpse back into our hobby's sometimes eccentric roots. **


—John D. Rateliff 

March 25th 2024


*More on this one, my most recent publication, in another post.


**If nothing else it shows just how much Judges Guild churned out at the rate of about a module a month over the course of their relatively brief run. The only two other rpg companies to match them on this I think wd be Mongoose in the early days of 3e/d20, and TSR itself in its later Lake Geneva days.




14. Ready Ref Sheets. For Use w. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. (1978)

            Second Edition: revised, enlarged, in booklet form


#20. The Judges Guild Journal.   Issue 20 (April/May)


48. Wilderlands of High Fantasy—Bill Owen & Bob Bledsaw, 

            w. Marc Summerlott, Debra Bledsaw, & Norma Gledsaw. (1977) 

            six mapsheets.   back cover = City State hex.


52. The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor—'concepted' by Marc Summerlott. designed by Mike Petrowsky, Craig Fogel, Bob Bledsaw, Mark Summerlott, Bill Owen, & Tony Floren (1981)

            [2 editions]


55. Gen Con IX Dungeon—Bob Blake (?1980).

            Baldemar Castle & Staff of Albalon

            Temple of Diklah & Helm of Valasdum


59. Village Book I: Campaign Hexagon Sub-system. 'guidelines & villages on numbered hex grids'


60. Castle Book I: Campaign Hexagon Sub-system (universal supplement).  n.d.


62. Revised Edition CITY STATE OF THE INVINCIBLE OVERLORD—Bledsaw & Owen. 94p bklet + mapsheets.


#64. The Judges Guild Journal.  issue10 June/July 1978.  [2 copies]


68. War Cry—Dave Petrowsky. new 2nd edition 'Emperor' series


75. Judges Guild Referee Screen.  TRAVELLER.    green screen.


78. The Traveller Logbook—Dave Sering (n.d.).  TRAVELLER


80. Of Skulls and Scrapfaggot Green—Bob Blake (?1977) [GenCon X tournament]


87. Character Codex—Paul Jaquays (1978)


88. DARK TOWER—Paul Jaquays


93. Under the Storm Giant's Castle—ThomasMcCloud (1979)


95. Survival of the Fittest—Michael Mayeau (1979)  solitaire dungeon 


105. Drakne Station—Bill Paley. (1979?)   TRAVELLER.    


107. Broken Tree Inn—Rudy Kraft  RUNEQUEST


113. The Book of Treasure Maps —Paul Jaquays (1979)


[113. The Book of Treasure Maps II—Daniel Hauffe & Rudy Kraft]


114. The Maltese Clue—Paul Karczag (1979)


117. Temple of Ra Accursed by Set—Thomas & Edward McCloud (1979)  


140. Castle Book II. (?1979)


[150] CITY STATE OF THE WORLD EMPEROR. 1980. book  +mapsheet. 

            —Creighton & Bob Bledsaw, w. Rudy Kraft & Clayton Miner.  The City of Spices, 

            • Judges Map (Campaign Map Six, w. Gheu lost Island) 

            • Players Cartogtaphy. (w.Gigabolt Mountains

            • Color City Map

            • SHOPS

            • CITY


160. The Judges Guild Journal. issue #19 (February/March).


180.  The Dungeoneer. issue #16  (March/April 1980).


200. The Judges Guild Journal. issue #20 (April/May).


220. Legendary Duck Tower and other tales. Paul Jaquays & Rudy Kraft. sw.


230. The Dungeoneer. #17 (May/June 1980). interview w. Greg Stafford.  sw.


240. The Fantasy Cartographer's Field Book. 'complete fantasy mapping system'


250. CHIVALRY & SORCERY. Gamesmaster's Shield.  <sw, therefore n.d., no author>


260. Portals of Torsh.  Rudy Kraft. 1980.  lizardmen.  with detached color cover/products list


270. Spies of Lightelf.  Bryan Hinnen.  Wilderness Book Two. 1980. 


280. THE JUDGES GUILD JOURNAL. #21 (June/July 1980).


            ?Mythlogy <boardgame: advertised in DUNGEONEER #17 p 31> 

            ?Witch's Caldron <[Ral Partha set]]: advertised in DUNGEONEER #17 p 34> 


300. Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches.  <sw: adv. bk & mapsheet>



            [At about this point, loses TSR License]



310. City of Lei Tabor. Paul Nevins & Bill Faust  [RUNEQUEST]]  (cover credited to 1979


330. Tancred. Dave Sering. [TRAVELLERS, Ley Sector 1232]  (1980)


340. Ley Sector. (maps and booklets). no designer credited, art credited to Ken Simpson.  (1980).


400. The Toughest Dungeon in the World.  Ken St. Andre. (covers 1980). [TUNNELS & TROLLS]


410. The Astrogators Chartbook. 'complete science fiction mapping system'.  1980.


420. The Unknown Gods. by Bob Bledsaw, Mark Holmer, Paul Jaquays, & Mike Petrowsky. 1980


430.  [SUPERHERO 2044]  Hazard. by Robert Bingham (n.d.) [IPSP.ISIS Official Map 7]]


440. Temple Book I  <sw> 


[?470] or [?400]. THE DUNGEONEERS JOURNAL issue #25.(Feb/March 1981


480. Fifty Starbases.  (1981)    TRAVELLER.


490. Glimmerdrift Reaches  [TRAVELLER]  [sw]


500. Doom of the Singing Star  [shrinkwrapped w. Map & Guidebook]   TRAVELLER


530. Ravenscrag — Scott Fulton, assisted by Dave Sering & Steve Crow. 1981. Universal 

            supplement.     [came shrinkwrapped w. map pad (4 maps).]


††540. Nightmare Maze of Jigresh.  EMPIRE OF THE PETAL THRONE.  




• The First Fantasy Campaign. by Dave Arneson. 1977

• City State Campaign Map One. 1977.  

            "Cartography to the Wilderlands about the City State"   (includes Brezal Isle)

• Tegal Manor: Judge's Map 

• Tegal Manor: Players' Map

• Barbarian Altanis: Campaign Map Two  (1977)

   Valley of the Ancients: Campaign Map Three (inid.)  [winedarksea]

• Thunderhold: Castle of the Dwarven King (1976)

• Lenap Campaign: Map Ten (Players' Map)/

            verso = Elphand Lands: Map Nine (Player's Map)  (1978) 

• Mouth of Roglaroon. Brezal Isle.  back blank. 

             City State just below center.  see also 48 

• blank hex sheets.


550. Field Guide to Encounters. by Dragon's Byte. 1982.  two volumes.


560. Portals of Irontooth.  Rudy Kraft. 1981.


570. Lara's Tower.  Kevin Nunn. 1981. 


xxx.  PEGUSUS. Premier Issue.  interview w. Dave Arneson, article on Disease. 


620. PEGUSUS #3. (1981).


630. Dragon's Hall. Jim Simon. 1981. 


640. Marooned on Ghostring. Walter & Dorothy Bledsaw.  nd. [TRAVELLER]


660. Zienteck. Mark Harmon. 1981. 


670. House on Hangman's Hill. Jon Matttson. 1981.


680. The Tower of Indomitable Circumstance.  Corey Cole.  1981


690.  Masters of the Mind. Charles M. Wilson.  1981.


700. Restormel.  Scott Fulton.


710. Amycus Probe. Dave Sering. 1981  [TRAVELLER]


720. Rogue Moon of Spinstorme.  Dave Sering. 1981. [TRAVELLER]


730. Simba Safari. Dave Sering. 1981. [TRAVELLER]


740. Tarkin's Landing.  Dave Sering. nd. unlicensed 'science fiction suppplement'


750. The Illhiedrin Book.  Daniel Hauffe.  <sw>.  1981 


760. Maranantha-Alkahest Sector.  Dave Sering. 1981   [TRAVELLER]


770. Portals of Twilight.  Rudy Kraft.  nd <sw>


790. F'Dech Fo's Tomb. Scott Fulton. 1981 


800. Glory Hole Dwarven Mine.  Edward G. Mortimer. 1981.


820 (1). Heroic Expeditions. Edward R. G. Mortimer. 1981


820 (2). Fantastic Personalities. Bill Paley & Edward R. G. Mortimer.


840. Prey of Darkness. Edward R. G. Mortimer. 1982.


850. Rat on a Stick. George R. Paczolt. 1982. [TUNNELS & TROLLS] 


880. Corsairs of the Turku Waste. Dave Sering


890. Magebird Quest. Dave Sering. [DRAGONQUEST]


900. Heroes and Villians. Edward R. G. Mortimer. [DRAGONQUEST] 


940. Waspwinter. Walter & Dorothy Bledsaw. nd. [TRAVELLER]


960. Darkling Ship. Dave Sering. nd.  [TRAVELLER]


990. The Book of Treasure Maps III. Edward E. G. Mortimer. nd.


1010. Shield Maidens of Sea Rune. Bryan Hinnen & Dan Hauffe.1982. Wilderness Book Three.


1030. Pirates of Hagrost. Bryan Hinnen & Dan Heuffe. nd. Wilderness Book Four.  


1040. Wondrous Weapons. Joseph Weingand. 1982. 


1090. Witches Court Marshes. Bryan Hinnen, Mark Holmer, & Joe Wiengard. 1982.


1100. Caves and Caverns.  John Mortimer.  <circa 1982?>


1130. Druids of Doom. Bill Pixley & Diane Mortimer. 1982. 


1140. Demons of Dundurn. Derek Watson. pt 1 Rood of Parth Series. 


1180. Jungle of Lost Souls—Glenn Rahman (1983).  TUNNELS & TROLLS. solitaire adventure.



            Castle Thrax. Paul Burdick (1985)  [DM-less. Spellbinders Games]


            Tegal Manor. Bill Webb & Thom Wilson, w. Gabor Lux (Frog Gods 2019, 212p hc)


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