Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Here in Lake Geneva

So, now we're back in Lake Geneva, in time to settle in before the GaryCon* festivities begin. There will be much rolling of polyhedral dice in the days to come. I'm signed in for two events. First, a long session for THE ONE RING, the Tolkien-based rpg, which I've never actually played before, though I have seen it played. Second is a return to Hommlet sequel. Other events I was too late signing up for or cdn't make fit in the schedule, like the Castle Amber** and a Call of Cthulhu adventure that sounded like it had a good set-up.*** 

And in addition to the games is the looking forward to catching up with fellow co-Workers back in TSR days.

Looking forward to it.

--John R.

*One of the few places I can think of where "Then I rolled a two and a five and took Irkust" is a meaningful statement.

  **I actually worked on one of these, back in the day (MARK OF AMBER, circa 1995).

***It's set in a lighthouse, which sounds promising.

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