Saturday, March 19, 2022

. . . By a Moose

So, a few days ago I got bitten by a moose. Sort of. Which goes to show a statement can be both true and yet misleading.*

Last night we both had frozen custard, which is a sign that I'm probably in Milwaukee. 

Today we got two treats: an hour browsing around inside the Brookfield Barnes & Noble, and having lunch with friends Jim & Deb Lowder

And tonight I'm staying in one of Milwaukee's fine art-deco hotels -- of which the city has at least five that I know of: The Astor, The Plaza, The Ambassador, The Pfister, and The Marc Plaza (which has been renamed and whose new name I forget; there were some events held here during the final Milwaukee GenCons). 

All this, and it's still two days before the big event: getting back to work with the manuscripts in the Archives.

--John R.

-- current reading: re-reading one of the 'Rivers of London' series (the one that takes place entirely in Germany. That must have been an odd product pitch with his publishers).

*This happened on Wednesday when Janice and I were almost ready with our preparations for the trip and needed to get out and about. So we went for a walk along the Soos Creek Trail. Where among other things we met a overfriendly half-grown puppy named Moose who wanted us to keep petting him so badly he actually gave me a little nip.

This things seem to happen to some of us more than others.



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