Thursday, November 18, 2021

Filksinging DUNE

 So, DUNE.

Having read the book (once) and seen the old movie with Sting in it (once, when it first came out), I'm not exactly a major fan of Herbert but still thought I shd watch the new film. I'm glad I did. I thought they did a really good job of adapting the book and keeping a complex narrative clear. I was also impressed that it had its own texture and timing --it didn't seem derivative of other science fiction films out there (e.g. the Star Wars and Star Trek films). Best of all, with one exception it didn't have drag-on-and-on special effects scenes.**

Of course, seeing this reminded of the old song by sometimes inspired* filksinger Tom Smith from his 1991 album WHO LET HIM IN HERE?, which uses the melody of the old Crystal Gayle song "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue", the lyrics of which go like this:

The spice melange

It's so cinnamon sweet.

I put it on most every thing I eat.

It's addictive too

And don't it make my brown eyes blue?

Dad got control over all that Spice.

So Baron Harkonnen had him iced.

Tried to kill me too

And don't it make my brown eyes blue?

So me and my mother ran away across Dune.

Got found by the Fremen, not a moment too soon.

They said it was easier to leave us behind.

But if we went with them that wd suit them just fine.

Now I'm dreaming of a big Jihad.

And the Fremen all think I'm God.

Maybe I do too

And don't it make my brown eyes blue?

--John R.

Current reading: THE LAND OF LAUGHS

*other recommended tracks: "I Want to be Peter Lorre", "Return of the King, Uh huh" (Strider as Elvis), and above all "A Frog and his Boy" (Kermit's elegy to Jim Henson).

**the exception for me was the ornithopter flight through the sandstorm 

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