Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The New Arrival: L. T. Meade's EYES OF TERROR and Other Dark Adventures

So, a while back I discovered Swan River Press because they occasionally do some Dunsany. This small press based in Dublin focuses on Irish writers like Le Fanu and others of the late nineteenth/ early twentieth century who wrote supernatural fiction.  I'd never heard off Meade before, but based on the description below, taken from the back cover copy, what's not to like?

 her specialty was medical or scientific mysteries 

featuring doctors, scientists, occult detectives, 

criminal women with weird powers, unusual medical 

interventions, fantastic scientific devices, murder, 

mesmerism, and manifestations of insanity

Both prolific and popular, she definitely sounds like someone worth knowing about. I'll post again once I've read the book.

For those interested in finding out more, here's a link:

--John R.

--current reading: yesterday I read a Thomas Ligotti story for the first time

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