Monday, September 6, 2021

Tea, with Cats

 So, Saturday I got to drop by my favorite cat cafe,* Milwaukee's SIP AND PURR.

Their set up is somewhat different from Purrfect Pals' model. Here instead of having their meet-the-cats adoption/socialization room inside a large pet store (e.g. PetsMart) they have a cat cafe. First you go through the ‘cafe’ part, ordering a beverage if you like, and then proceed into the cat-room, where for about ten dollars  for the next hour you can pet as many of the free-roaming cats (about ten) as feel so inclined to indulge you. Two of the cats are permanent residents (Nacho and Nero, I think); the rest are all up for adoption.

 I try to visit whenever I’m in Milwaukee, and yesterday was this trip’s time. I’m glad to report that while feathers-on-a-stick is their local favorite they greatly enjoyed the laser pointer and string-and-chain toys I’d brought.** At one point I had five cats chasing the little red dot as a pride, which is unusual.

These cats don't get walks of course since it’s in a busy urban area, but from their behavior it's very obvious that they are well-socialize with plenty of attention when they want it as well as quiet spots they can retreat to when feeling the need for a little down time.

Anyway, it’s nice to see different models of cat adoption room appearing in different parts of the country.

—John R.

*and, to be fair, I think the only cat cafe I've managed to visit in person.

**asking permission of the staff first to make sure this was okay

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