Monday, September 6, 2021

More on Re-Wilding Dunsany

So, thanks to friend Greg for this link providing further news about the current Lord Dunsany's project of letting a good part of the grounds surrounding Dunsany Castle (one of the Castles of the Pale, and home of the Plunketts for a good many centuries now) go back to nature.

This piece is a bit unusual from my point of view in that it doesn't mention my Lord Dunsany, the great fantasy writer, except obliquely in the line

"Other Plunketts were leading figures in politics and the arts"

I do admit to curiosity about the current lord's independent film, THE GREEN SEA, although I have not seen it yet.

It is nice to have a Lord Dunsany who's on nature's side, as opposed to the great hunter his great-grandfather (I think it was) was.

Thanks again to fellow Burrahobbit Greg R.

--John R.

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