Saturday, September 4, 2021

Messages Out of the Void (Douglas Adams)

All alone in a town far from home with a three-day holiday weekend ahead. Time to blog! --JDR

[Adams] cited his two biggest influences as the Beatles and Monty Python

 -- 'Both were messages out of the void saying there are 

people out there who know what it's like to be you'

Lewis famously described that moment as 'what! you too?'* and it's long been associated with his becoming friends with Tolkien.

I suppose for me that'd be my friend Franklin, and later of course Taum.  It's interesting in that the evidence suggests you don't have to be v. much alike in any other way, so long as you have the bond of overwhelming absorption in the shared interest, whatever it may be.


current reading--  HITCHHIKER: A BIOGRAPHY OF DOUGLAS ADAMS by M. J. Simpson (cf p.14)

-- NoMe 

*I think in SURPRISED BY JOY but I'm away from home and can't check the reference.

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