Sunday, June 20, 2021

Washington State Initiative: Universal Health Care

So, today we went to the farmer's market (the one down in Auburn, by the giant statue of the giant crow with the giant french fries) for the first time this year. In addition to the biggest beets I've ever seen we also got some peaches from our favorite booth (who used to be over at the Kent market before the latter shut down due to the covid crisis).

The most interesting thing about our trip to Auburn though was the person just outside the entrance to the market asking people to sign a petition. The initiatives and propositions in these parts are sometimes iffy, using deceptive phrasing to trick the voter. But from what I cd tell with a little quick research, this one seems to be pretty straightforward in its goal: do for Washington State what Obama failed to do with health care reform and create a system of universal health care. That's an ambitious goal but very worthwhile. So if the petitioner is still there next week I'll be glad to sign my name as supporting that goal.

The initiative in question is I-1362; Universal Healthcare for Washington State; its backers are using the phrase 'Whole Washington' to designate their movement, as in their website address:

If you're in Washington, you might want to acquaint yrself with what is sure to be a big battle later this year. If you're in another state, you might want to be aware of how health care reform plays out this time and in this place.

--John R..

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