Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Who Was Kwesi Nduom?

So, here's a query for those who remember TSR's Lake Geneva days:

Who was Kwesi Nduom? 

All I know is that (1) he was from Ghana and (2) he worked for TSR in 1982.

Is this the same Paa Kwesi Nduom who ran for president of Ghana in 2008?

--John R.

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Michael Gillis said...

It's highly likely this IS the same person that ran for president of Ghana. The Wikipedia entry for him shows he was educated at UW-Milwaukee (BA-PhD) and worked in that general area of Wisconsin during the late 70's, early 80's. Not only that, but he worked in insurance! Assuming Wikipedia is reliable, he must be the same man.

Additionally, the gentleman in your next post also had ties to the area - via Marquette.

It would be very interesting to learn what capacity these men worked for (or possibly alongside) TSR. Early 80's TSR does not seem like it would have been particularly diverse, but perhaps on the business side of things the story was much, much different.