Friday, December 11, 2020

The Cat Report (W.12/11-20) --Yellow Kittens

 I missed the message about little Gibbs’ adoption, which gave me an anxious moment at one point when I was trying to add up all the cats scattered around the room and coming up one kitten short. Luckily all was well.

The Yellow Kittens definitely dominate the room. Their mother (ZOLA) seemed overwhelmed by their energy so I gave her the big cage to herself. The three kittens share a four-cage stretch all along the bottom row. 

The two quiet cats, Mr. William and Manicotti, didn’t come out but loved having attention inside their cages. WILLIAM just melts when you pet him, rubbing this face against yours and purring up a storm. MANICOTTI is a little more reserved but shd warm up as he gets used to the room. ZOLA, who's a tiny thing herself (only a year or so old) also loves attention but can’t compete with the kittens when it comes to games, withdrawing from their boisterousness.

The kittens are adorable. They don’t like being petted and are alarmed at the idea of being picked up, but they’re well-socialized and don’t swat or nip. They love games and play them with whole-hearted enthusiasm as only kittens can. One of the kitten took his favorite toy (the bug on a string on a stick) and dragged it off to his lair (wherever that lair was at the time. They all loved the laser pointer and the string game, but bug-on-a-string-on-a-stick was by far their favorite. And it was good to see them get more accepting of some petting just within a single shift; shdn’t be long before they’re fine with it.

Mr. William, by the way, was very happy with the string game, but you have to keep an eye on him and see that he doesn’t try to eat the string, which wd do him a world of no good inside.  He’s really too big for the cage set-up we have him in now (when he stands up the little karenda (sp?) in his cage gets lifted off the cage floor). I offered him a cat-boat bed instead but he seemed to prefer the original set-up, so I defaulted back to that in the end.

I wdn’t be surprised if this whole lot of cats don’t find new homes within a week. Glad that I had a chance to meet them.

—John R.

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