Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Lost Lewis Tapes

So, thanks to a posting by Wendell W. on the Mythsoc list, I've just learned of a long-lost C. S. Lewis audio recording made by Wm Gresham in 1960. 

There are three recordings on this tape: 

1. The chapter from PERELANDRA wherein Ransom arrives on Venus (Chapter III)

2. The scene in THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH in which Merlin meets Ransom (Chapter XIII)

3. The General Prologue to THE CANTERBURY TALES

I've only just listened to these all the way through and was pleased to find that they are good-quality recordings. Lewis's accent is also much less here than in other audios I've heard.

This tape adds to our small body of surviving recordings of Lewis. Highly recommended for anyone interested in such things.

Here's the link, along with information on how to order it: 

and here's more information about the tape's history, from David C. Downing:

--John R.

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