Sunday, August 23, 2020

TSR Faces, 1994

So, I was amused and bemused to come across this old module whose cover was a tribute by the artist (Paul Jaquays) to fellow TSR staff circa 1994. Amused, because seeing these reminds me of people I enjoyed working with; bemused because after the lapse of twenty-six years there are some faces I don't recognize. So here are the ones I do, hoping that someone else out there will identify the ones I don't:

Front left: unidentified.
Front central: Sue Weinlein.
Front right: Dave Wise

center left: Jeff Grubb (with fez).
center, with basket: unidentified
center right, in doorway: Skip Williams

back left: Wolfgang Baur, talking to unidentified (?Ann Brown)
back right, with halberd: unidentified.

In the distance, waving at us: Zeb Cook, who had just left TSR, bidding us farewell after his epic fourteen-year run.*

--John R.

*which ended on a high note, with his creation of PLANESCAPE.

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Anne K Brown said...

I think the girl with the basket is Sarah Feggestad, and I think the guy with the halberd is Jim Butler. And yup, that's me with Wolfgang. Great memory!!