Thursday, August 20, 2020

God bless Google

So, the day before yesterday I had a line from a song I cdn't identify stuck in my head all evening.  Usually with such things I just have to give it time and over the course of a day or so the snippet will stretch to include a few words or notes to either side of the bit I have. This time it didn't seem to be making any progress, so before the morning was over I'd typed in the line I had and Google's lyrics-searching did the rest.

For the record, the line was 

does your head ever give you trouble

And, for those who want to guess it on their own, I've moved the answer to comments.

--John R.
--current listening: that song and also THE CONCERT FOR BANGLA DESH, which I'd never heard until last week. Essentially a live version of George Harrison's ALL THINGS MUST PASS, the high water mark of his solo career.

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John D. Rateliff said...

So, the song was "Help Is On the Way" by the Little River Band -- whom I saw performing it live in Fayetteville back around 1979, where they were much bemused by the hog-calling that is (or was) a University of Arkansas traditional form of cheering.

I realized later I'd been thrown off by my mind's for some reason getting this song tangled up with Martin Briley's "Salt in my Tears", which I think of more as a novelty song.

Though it was a surprise today when I went to You Tube to check the Briley to find donate-now ads from Schumer and Biden pop up -- is there a significant overlap between a fondness for mid-eighties music and anti-McConnell rhetoric?

--John R.