Sunday, June 2, 2019


So, the new D&D Adventure/Campaign from WotC is now out, and it's an interesting return to days of old. How old? So old that when the last time these adventures saw the light of day, TSR was still run by Gygax and the Blumes.

What they've done here is take one of their lesser-known classic adventure series and expanded it into a book-length campaign by the addition of several related adventures that had appeared in DUNGEON magazine over the years.

Thus the original Saltmarsh trilogy (U1. The Secret of Saltmarsh [1981], U2. Danger at Dunwater [1982], U3. The Final Enemy [1983]) appears here as Chapters II, III, and VI within a larger campaign, GHOSTS OF SALTMARSH. The additional material is Chapter I (describing the village of Saltmarsh, something conspicuously missing from the original 1981 module), Chapter IV "Salvage Operation" (DUNGEON 123 [2005]), Chapter V "Isle of the Abbey" (DUNGEON 34 [1992]), Chapter VII "Tammeraut's Fate" (DUNGEON 106 [2004]), and Chapter VIII "The Styes" (DUNGEON 121 [2005]).

I've already said what I had to say about U1-U2-U3 themselves in a previous blog post, which can be found here (spoiler alert):

And I've deliberately refrained from reading this new expanded adventure because I'm hoping our DM, who is one of the authors, will run it for us. We'll see how it goes.

--John R.

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Bill said...

Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh was the very first AD&D module I bought on my own. I bought it at the local B. Dalton Booksellers, probably 1983. Happy memories.