Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tolkien in New York

So, the TOLKIEN: MAKER OF MIDDLE-EARTH exhibit that I saw in the Bodleian earlier this year is now opening at the Morgan Library in New York City and, rather to my surprise, we're able to go. So look for us in New York City for what is our first and v. probably only visit to the big city.

It's my understanding that this is a somewhat different selection of manuscripts than what was on display in Oxford, and it'll be interesting to compare the two presentations. Plus, of course, it'll be great to see so many of Tolkien's original pages of manuscript, maps, artwork, and memorabilia. As with the Oxford staging of the papers there are a series of events associated with the Morgan exhibit, most notably a presentation on the 31st by Wayne and Christina.

So, many good things. And it'll be great to have another chance to see again things I saw last time, this time with a new focus.

And of course if you see me go by, stop and say hello.

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