Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hastur is Gone

It's a sad way to start a new year, but my little cat Hastur passed away the morning of the thirtieth. She'd been fading away for several weeks and the good folks at McMonigle's cd do nothing to help her, so we brought her home and spent as much time as we cd with her in her final days, keeping her warm, dry, hydrated, and much petted as she slowly slipped away from us.

I'll probably write more about her later, but for now thought I'd just share a few pictures of Hastur the Master of Disaster over the years (sixteen in all)


Hastur put in long hours working at my desk.

The tragedy of the empty food dish.

"The View from Here"

Hastur in old age at her most Salvadore Dali -esque


Michael Gillis said...

She was beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss.

Jason Fisher said...

So sorry to hear about Hastur. :(