Thursday, June 1, 2017

Beren & Luthien Have Arrived

So, today I got a notice that the copy of BEREN & LUTHIEN that I ordered from England will be arriving here around June 16th.

Fortunately, the Kindle version arrived at nine o'clock last night, so I'm already well into my first reading of these newly arranged and re-presented texts. The frontmatter by CT was deeply interesting; now I'm into the first version of the Tale itself. I'm enjoying it quite a lot; I'll say more when I have more to say.

Meanwhile, it's back to working on Endnotes. Collingwood and Stukeley and Yeates, oh my.

--John R.
current reading: The Tale of Tinuviel (JRRT), THE FOX WOMAN (A.Merritt)


Zenopus Archives said...

My hard copy is on order as well. Looking forward to your thoughts. I haven't seen any reviews yet that mention exactly what texts are used other than the original Lost Tales version and some (all?) of the Lay.

Anonymous said...

It turns out it was published in the U.S. on June 1 after all, and my copy is supposed to be delivered tomorrow from I originally ordered a copy from but it said that there was no release date listed so I cancelled it and ordered it from the UK. Then I got a notice that that order was cancelled because it was sold out, so I checked again at and lo and behold! it was available after all.

Zenopus Archives, John Garth's review at the New Statement describes what texts were used: