Saturday, May 28, 2016


So, thanks first to Morgan* and then to Wayne and Christina themselves for forwarding to me the information that the original names for the Three Elven Rings of Power have in fact been published,
in Wayne & Christina's LOTR READER'S COMPANION, page 671. Now that it doesn't violate any protocol or copyright I can post them here:

KEMEN the Ring of Earth

ËAR the Ring of Sea

MENEL the Ring of Heaven

At least two out of these three are familiar through their usage elsewhere, namely in KEMENTARI, 'Lady of the Earth', one of the names of Yavanna the earth-mother goddess figure among the Valar, and the other in MENELTARMA, the name for the great holy mountain at the center of Numenor (and, later, the volcano in the sea in Imram and THE NOTION CLUB PAPERS).

By the way, I don't know how to insert a diaeresis into a blog post, so just in case  that name of the Ring of Sea came through without one it shd be pronounced with two syllables not one:  eh-ar not eer.

Thanks again to all who pointed out to me that this was, after all, in print, esp. Wayne and Christina for printing it in the first place. As I said in my response to their comment on the other post sharing the good news, their books may now be taking on that aspect of the collection as a whole: so many good things that no one can take them all in.

--John R.

*and also the person, whose name I don't know, who'd posted the information to the website where Morgan had found it.


Aelfwine said...

Note that these are simply Quenya words for Earth, Sea, and Heaven, respectively, having no formal reference to rings; and that _eär_ 'sea' similarly is well attested in such names as Eärendil, Eärnil, and Eärnur. It's further interesting to note that the three Silmarils ended up in the Earth, the Sea, and the Heavens, respectively.

John D. Rateliff said...

Hi Carl

Yes, I shd have caught that: it's the most familiar of them all, thanks to its being part of Earendel's name.

Thanks for pointing this out, and for the interesting observations re. the fates of the Silmarils.

--John R.