Sunday, May 22, 2016

A picture from Kalamazoo

So, thanks to Merlin de Tardo for the following picture of our 'Asterisk Tolkien' panel, and thanks also to Deidre Dawson for sharing. I'm the one in brown.

It was a good panel, and a good series of Tolkien sessions overall. As usual, it's not just the presentations but the people that make me look forward and want to come again next year.  And it came as a nice surprise when Jane Chance quoted from my "The Missing Women" piece during her plenary lecture -- v. nice of her.

In other news, it looks like the revisions to my essay on Tolkien's FALL OF ARTHUR (presented at Kalamazoo a few years ago) have proved acceptable, so that shd be coming out later this year if all goes well.

Now I need to polish my Nodens piece --writing out all the endnotes, putting together the bibliography, reading several pieces folks brought to my attention that may be relevant to my piece., revising a thing or two I got wrong (or at least not as right as it shd have been).  And of course there's also the festschrift: should have the working Table of Contents posted here within a few days.

But first, there's Milwaukee. More on this soon.

Here's the picture:

--John R.
(at the airport, en route)

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