Sunday, December 6, 2015

Peter Jackson yanks our chain

So, I forget if it was Stan or Steve or Jeff who  told me about the teaser clip making the rounds hinting that Peter Jackson was going to be directing an upcoming episode of DOCTOR WHO, but it was definitely Janice who provided me with the link (for which thanks):

What I hadn't been told, until I saw the clip for myself, was the nudge-nudge wink-wink  Jackson had worked in for Tolkien fans: that's a copy of THE SILMARILLION on the desk in front of him. It's hard to see at first, but around mid-clip Jackson's daughter while pretending to look for her dad's glasses on the table picks the book up and waves it around, setting it down more conspicuously where we can see the stick-up notes marking pages in it.

Yes, stick-up notes. As if Jackson were marking it up for some hypothetical Silmarillion movie.  Which isn't going to happen, but which he apparently gets asked about enough that he thought it worth including a tease in this clip.

All of which aside, it'll be interesting to see what Sir Peter does with DOCTOR WHO: the current Doctor is doing a good job in the role (as is Jenna Coleman as his companion, Clara), albeit struggling with oft-mediocre scripts. Here's hoping his second season is an improvement (the first episode, the only one I've seen so far, bodes well).

--John R.

P.S.: Here's a somewhat longer version of the clip:

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